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اس ام اس ، داستان ، جوک ، مقاله ، پزشکی ، تفریحی

So you've got to organize we tend to draw the following

In each city and town to form a procurement

And material of its kind in some cities might vary

So you've got to organize we tend to draw the following:

You must hearth his mild change of state time ought to be semipermanent

And it should perpetually stir till all ingredients square measure combined.

Total cereal that you simply use ought to be soaked nightlong.

Ashy cook the rice with the rice ought to note that it should be utterly crushed.

Chicken broth is employed to cook the meat, neck or chest is best.

* don't throw it away once you clear the herbs, vegetable stalks

Because the stems of herbs is Lzyztr.

* To cook rice soup is best than retail (Nymdanh) use

Because before long be crushed.

* Pour water into the pot of boiling water ought to be

To be utterly open and also the rice within the pot, pour water oft.

* The wheat can wish to use its best

Second Skin is formed of wheat and meat carts with wheels thereon.

 اIf you are doing not use the meat within the pot

Your soup is delicious

You've attenuated the center of the calf pen use.

 once the soup is prepared

Closes on itself

The soup is missing.

One man's cookery arts

The skin is that the body and mind and happiness

Hair and trusted it. With correct change of state, humans can't guarantee their health.

Unfortunately, today the utilization of natural materials

Harmful and cookery foods and victimization means that like

خردکن پلین,خردکن پلین قیمت,خرید خرد کن پلین,سایت پلین,پلین

: Early cookware, microwave and red, and also the use of artificial flavors, like essential

Chemicals and paints are attempting to portray delicious foods

And tastes modification.

Worse, these sorts of foods publicised through mass media

And with this, the empty dishes to show folks

They are within the same position and direction

Different result however not the disease!

One of the cookery traditions that square measure schooled wrong,

Dsktsh is employed. they're going everyplace and do everything

I mustn't have, use gloves once change of state.

People who wish to cook

Notes should adjust to the delicious food and also the howling aroma and flavor of the

And others victimization these foods can eventually show pride

And to relish the blessings of excellent health and vitality.

Points that ought to be ascertained

Follow Ntaft once change of state and Public Health

Be the ritual.

Having happiness and calm nerves whereas change of state

, The food quality has a crucial impact

It is also the utilization of natural materials and recent

And not victimization gloves once change of state.

With this work. Happiness for yourself helpful energy

And effectively transferred to food through the eyes and fingertips

From home and gave it to her, as a result of the vitality

, raised brain alpha rays and energy through the

And the finger is removed. once change of state bear in mind Allah's name

And raise him to cook your food

Liquid health and your family.

Try natural spices, aromatic and engaging meals together with your

Necessary to offer flavor to food. try and cook your food with mild heat

This way, the food is therefore tasteful

And will have a major impact on human health

Grilled Tomato and Health Tips

We're additional on the Iranians accustomed roast every kind,

Vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers and mushrooms, or maybe roast it.

Barbecue food, providing the temperature is delicate

And nutrient Nsvzd, the tactic is appropriate for change of state.

With warming on a family picnic Dfhhayy

Palin device is employed for change of state should:

They go out of city and Skirts nature, is added

And principally employed in the food, is grilled selection.
In fact, the quantity of excess oil cooked food consumption, the

Our recommendation is as way as you'll, steamed or grilled foods to eat

But the case has its own barbecue.

For example, if the meat is placed directly over the fireplace and flames,

There could also be some components of it square measure burnt or dark brown meet.

Brown the flesh-eating episodes square measure perennial as a result of they're stimulants of internal organ acid secretion

And cancer compounds square measure capable of turning into,

Gvarshman the risks to health could also be.

In terms of health, it's higher not roast meat with the warmth and direct flame.

Another purpose concerning broil vegetables like peppers or tomatoes square measure

If a number of these herbs square measure burned, as burning flesh was harmful;

But change of state and heating is appropriate to extend the biological process price of vegetables

Contained in them, like preparation and baking to enhance digestion and absorption of supermolecule

Unless they become excessive and cause burns. Carotenoids

Peppers or tomatoes within the heat of read in any approach, more

But ascorbic acid in them quickly decreases. Of course, the burnt shells

These herbs whereas taking it apart.

It is fascinating to notice that the carotenoids found in vegetables

When the grill arrived with the iron within the body,

Absorption of this mineral also are high. therefore if you've got anemia,

Eat with grilled tomato.
Do not burn grilled tomatoes

Most folks Iranians square measure accustomed aboard a spread of kebabs, vegetables like tomatoes

, inexperienced bell pepper and mushroom dish would be

. Roast the vegetables is sweet and evils;

Vegetables like tomatoes, that contain ascorbic acid square measure comparatively giant,

The heating impact, lose a number of their vitamins

Vitamin C is sensitive to heat as vitamins.

I have to mention that alternative trace components in vegetables,

Are not abundant laid low with the warmth of the barbecues.

It is higher to understand even attracts a gaggle of Micronutrients

Such as carotin and flavonoids in :خردکن پلین

. whereas heating the vegetables gently eliminate pollution

And microbes gift in them is feasible. Vegetables

Such as tomatoes and mushrooms, a awfully low-calorie foods square measure

That eat them raw, steamed or grilled with varied dishes, very good.

Usually suggested intake of raw vegetables

But once grilled or steamed mushrooms with heat finds

It is so higher for the body's proteins Qablhzmtr

Fungus before taking a temperature. However, if the

Grilled mushroom, you want to be such a layer of black Rvyyshan,

Let the temperature and texture of the mushroom simply softens.

The heat is mild for all vegetables

But some vegetables like tomatoes square measure heated to some extent

The superjacent skin is totally black. If it's aiming to happen tomatoes or peppers,

Black face and skin ought to be removed before consumption.

Some analysis results show that

Possibly cancer burn components of food that have discoloured the barbecue there.

The larger the quantity of food burns,

They are conjointly additional probably to be cancer.

Finally, the tactic of broil food, providing the temperature is delicate

And nutrient Nsvzd, the tactic is appropriate for change of state

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